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Where it all started

Our Story

The idea behind DONATELLAA came about as a result of my siblings having newborns which peaked my interest into the Newborns daily requirements extra care and attention that was required for their upbringing and the Emotional stress, costs , quality of products, that was bearing down on the new parents. 

Hence began my Quest into researching newborn and mothers requirments ( Lets not forget daddy as well ) from the basic requirements from Food, equipments , clothings, medicines always looking at the highest quality products Natural , Environment friendly and Most Important of all "Safety of the Newborn". 

Using my sibling's newborns , close relatives children , mothers, grandmothers as "Advisors" for DONATELLAA in Product Selection , Designs , Patterns , Fabrics for newborns and their mothers we have come up with these wonderful selections and with each day we are perfecting our product offerings using the highest quality Fabrics and yearly introduction of new products that will most definetly satisfy most of the needs for newborns , mothers and fathers. 

We thought of the Newborn + Mothers industry in some aspects were outdated, and felt the market needed something more! A Combination of our mother's Generation and our Generation using their wisdom and experience of raising children. 

Better fabric , cleaner design, and updated features! We collected all our favourite specs and props from around the globe, added the features, designs , mixed fabrics, introduced new fabrics into the market, we´d been missing, adapted the design to fit in to 2020 .

Objectives and Sense of direction


- A young and independent brand focusing on High Quality , Safe and functional clothing. 

- Created by an enthusiast, and Armed with the Experience and wisdom of Mothers, Grandmothers, Newborns , Children as DONATELLA's Advisors .

Our Divisions


- Deliver unique, high quality , for a price that is really affordable 


A La Mode Brands


- By offering our designs and product direct to our customer. 

- cutting out all unnecessary step in the distribution-chain such as agents, distributors and retailers, 

- we can sell high quality products, for a price up to 2-3 times lower than you pay for clothing in the regular stores.


- Our products retails exclusively at www.donatellaa.com


- As a brand, we keep mother earth close to our hearts. We constantly try to find the most environmental friendly transportation for our goods, as well as keeping our production chain green. 

( Its a Challenge we are already in process of Changing our packaging's which will be Visible in 2025)

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